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Plank Owner Donor Levels

Plank Owners Get Bragging Rights


Virginia-Class Submarines

800+ Feet

Diving Dept

25+ Knots


377 Feet


7,700 Tons


Your gift is helping bring the boat to life. Ten plank owner donor levels are available. The levels come with some awesome SWAG to help you show your support for Oklahoma (SSN 802), her crew and their families.

or Greater

  • Personal Letter from Corporate CEO on USSOKCC website

  • Corporate Logo on USSOKCC website

  • Full page ad on USSOKCC

  • Commission Program as Presenting Sponsor

  • Chairman’s Christening Reception (20)

  • and more

Fleet Admiral's Club & Presenting Sponsor

to $24,999

Captain’s Club

  • Corporate Logo on USSOKCC website

  • Third page ad on USSOKCC Commission Program

  • Chairman’s Christening Reception (6)

  • VIP Commissioning Breakfast (6)

  • Plank Owner Commissioning Reception (6)

  • and more

  • Certificate (1)

  • Commissioning Lapel Pin (1)

to $499

Ensign’s Club


Latest News

USS Oklahoma illustration.jpeg

Oklahoma's Fast-Attack Submarine Dead Ahead

Construction of Oklahoma’s new namesake, the stealthy Virginia-class fast-attack nuclear submarine, is underway. At the commissioning ceremony in 2027, she will join the Naval fleet and enter service as a United States Ship. The pivotal moment is when the Commanding Officer and crew formally come aboard and bring the boat to life.


This is a time-honored event in the life of every US Navy ship. Dignitaries, honored guests, and the public are invited to participate in this inspiring and patriotic ceremony.  

Your financial support will help bring Oklahoma (SSN 802) to life.  Mark Your calendar for the Commissioning Ceremony mid-2027. 

Plank owners are members of the crew when a ship is commissioned. The origin of the term suggests these men and women were around when the ship was being built and commissioned, and therefore could brag about “owning” one of the planks on the main deck of the boat (when the decks were made of wood).

At the commissioning ceremony, the boat becomes home to her crew and goes into operation. The initial crew, or plank owners, are responsible for turning a metal vessel into a living, fighting warship. We invite you to be part of Oklahoma’s history by helping fund this historic event. Get your bragging rights - become a plank owner today.


132 (15 officers + 117 enlisted)

Crew Size

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