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Sean Pybus

Vice Admiral, US Navy (Retired) Sean Pybus leads The Pybus Group, providing National Security and Defense advice to Industry and Academia. Cubic Corporation, EdenRoc Sciences, Digital Global Systems, and Stellar Solutions are among his corporate associates. Idaho National Laboratory and Joint Special Operations University are academic-oriented clients. Pybus maintains professional and social ties to U.S. Special Operations Command and the Special Operations Forces enterprise, committed to advancing their capabilities and understanding in today’s dynamic security environment. Whether in business or military affairs, Pybus works to develop and apply small, mission-focused teams in order to achieve strategic effects. His long tenure and leadership in military special operations around the world arm him with invaluable perspective and experience. 

Sean is Chairman Emeritus of the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF), one of the highest rated benevolents in America. He is the Chairman of the Special Operations Memorial Foundation (SOMF). He is also Senior Advisor to Project DYNAMO, a Tampa-based, veteran-led, donor-funded 501c3 committed to recovering American citizens and Allies trapped in conflict zones around the world. 

Sean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Rochester (NY), 1979, and a Master’s in National Security Studies with Honors from the US Naval War College (RI), 1998. He has extensive overseas experience living and working in South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. His final military assignment before retirement was Deputy Commander, US Special Operations Command, in Tampa, as a Vice Admiral, SEAL, US Navy. In recognition of his 34 years of military service, VADM(Ret) Pybus was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in 2021. His wife Patty and Sean have three grown children, all serving in Active or Reserve roles in the US Military.

Vice Admiral (retired), US Navy

President, The Pybus Group LLC

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